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  1.1 + LESSON: What is Spirit?




Ren, you’re a spiritworker. You work spirits? Like ghosts and stuff?

Yes, I work with spirits. Ghosts and LOTS OF OTHER STUFF.

You see, Spiritwork is the art of engaging in conversation and relationship with life.

The Spiritworker is an animist. Animism is the belief that all things are animated, that all things have life. So, essentially, the spiritworker is the one who seeks to learn the language of all things.

The trees are singing. Your blood is filled with ancestral memory. And sometimes it’s Magical. Gods have shouting matches and the mailbox is also talking. Sometimes it’s Madness.

This animist world-view is no longer the dominant paradigm for most modern cultures. Folks interested in learning spiritwork often become caught wanting to see through those animist eyes, while fearing the madness that might come if they really started seeing faces and hearing voices in everything.

We become blocked, not by inability to perceive spirit, but by our fear that spirit isn’t real, such that what we perceive, the way we perceive, is never good enough.

So, I want to offer you a definition of the word Spirit, that may help you develop a more natural, nuanced animistic perspective.

Before I give it, a quick reminder that we can have more than one definition. NO DOGMA. A definition is a tool used to create meaningful conversation.

With regards to expanding our spiritual perspective, it's a conversation we’re having with ourselves. So even if the definition I give seems a bit uncommon, like others wouldn't understand, if you find meaning in it, work with it. It’s yours. You're talking to yourself!

The definition is this: A Spirit is an Identity.

This definition was given to me by my teacher, Griffin Ced. He describes Spirit as “the bones of reality, the identities of life.” It’s life's forms.

We use a separate word, Soul, for life's force and that will be a separate video!

So, Spirit as Identity. How do I know if something has an identity and therefore has a Spirit?

Next up: What has Spirit?