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  1.3 + LESSON: How is spirit perceived?




Imagine feeling your way through a dark forest: in order to perceive a shape, a spirit, we must we must be able to touch it. The clarity and depth to which we can touch another spirit is a measure of the degree to which we share identity.

I touch other humans, and if I know myself deeply as human I will deeply perceive the humanity in others. I touch other physical things in our physical world, table and chair, and I can touch them because I, too, am a physical being made of physical matter.

Good zookeepers and horse riders and deer trackers and animal communicators--how do they do it? They become one with the animal they are tracking. They know themselves to be animals. They find common ground, a common edge, and so they are able to touch.

Why are actors and actresses notorious (some not all) for being angst-y, conflicted, and dramatic? (Sorry!) Because they share identity with the spirit of Drama itself. Life is a stage!

Why do people sometimes develop the ability to see dead people after having a near death experience or after someone close to them passes? Because after such experiences, Death shapes our identity. And so we share a common trait with the spirits of the dead, thus we become able to perceive them.

Now, I look forward to sharing with ya’ll in much greater depth how what we perceive is processed through our physical senses, how it is that some folks have visions and others have all their hair stand up on end when in the presence of spirit, and how to develop these sensations into meaningful communication.

But it starts as simple as this: We are all comprised of many identities, and each identity is a hand feeling into the dark, able to touch its own kind.

You might find Spiritworkers, for this reason, a bit obsessed with the shadows, with the dark. This doesn’t mean that we all prefer to wear dark colors and keep black cats. ALL CATS ARE BEAUTIFUL.

It’s not an obsession with literal shadows. It means we are obsessed with expanding our perception into the unknown and previously unknowable. We’re obsessed with knowing our own identity more deeply and more diversely so that we might grow more hands with which to reach into the unknown.

At a not insignificant risk to our sanity, we reach inwards and outwards to the very core and to the very edge of our Known Universe, and having reached the edge, we are unsatisfied. So we push. We push our Universe, our perspective, to stretch, to get bigger. We enjoy diverse communities because we have found our own inner world to be diverse.

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