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  2.5 + LESSON: Who are the Otherkin?




So who are the Otherkin? Who are the kindred, folk, and DENIZENS of the Otherworld? Are Otherworld beings just the shadows and roots of things in the surface world? The spiritual root of you and me, the spiritual root of this desk, the spiritual root of a marshmallow. What about Elves and Faeries and all those magical beasts?

First, some mythical and magical spirits are born of human imagination, and as we said last week, imagined beings and ideas are definitely spirits! They exist in art, stories, and fantasies.

Second, some mythical creatures are the personification of things of the world. The tiny winged spirit is the spiritual heart of the flower. The serpentine dragon is the spiritual heart of the swift river.

But, there is another path whereby we might come to encounter spirits of a fantastical nature. Picture again the flooded valley. Not everything that exists below the surface exists above it.

If you practice Spiritwork and purposefully travel below the surface, or if you are threshold challenged and just keep falling through, then when you walk in the Otherworld you will find trees that are completely under the surface. Can you picture that? Trees in our flooded valley whose tops do not break the surface. Trees of which there is nothing in the surface world that accounts for their nature.

Also worth considering, there may be spirits for whom only the smallest twig is seen above the surface, but who, under the water, may be an enormous, wide, wise old oak. Sometimes the faery are called the “wee people” -- but just because something is wee and subtle on the surface, doesn’t mean it is small in all worlds.

Think of your ancestors, after we die most of us become very small in the surface world, our flesh disappears, our voice is a memory, but that same soft voice on the wind may be a powerful spirit in the ancestral lands.

In the beginning of your practice of spiritwork, I recommend setting aside the need to categorize and label any Otherkin that you encounter. Immediately trying to sort whoever you meet into buckets of "faery" "elf" "angel" "alien" "ancestor" ...while a step up from having only two buckets, "good" and "evil" ... is still a bucket method that limits your perception.

Plus, it's a little rude. When you meet a new person in this world the first question out of your mouth probably shouldn't be: "Wow you look really different. What are you? No, but like what race are you. Where are your people from?" If you shouldn't do it here, you probably shouldn't do it in the Otherworld.

Further, some otherkin really don't care about your buckets. "Are you an angel?" "Sure." "But you look kind of like a two-headed eagle. Are you my animal guide?" "Sure." "You're an angel and an animal guide?" "Sure."

We should also note that there are two kinds of Otherkin that we will meet. Spirits that are born from us, from our bodies, from our imagination, and spirits not born of us.

Except in cases where we intentionally, consciously, imagined a spirit into being, it can be difficult to recognize which kind of spirit we're talking to. So if we acknowledge that encountering our own imagination is a possibility, all the more reason not to start with the bucket method, and then make assumptions about the populations of the Otherworld based on our findings.

If we, without realizing, subconsciously, create a world of, let's say, little green aliens, and through sacred practice dip into our subconscious, and whoa, meet a lot of little green aliens! Then we think: "Wow! The Otherworld is full of little green aliens! There's no faeries here! There's no god! There's just little green men!"

But then, we just said, some Otherkin really don't care about your buckets. And if a god wants to talk to you and you're in your inner-world cave with the aliens, if she wants her voice to be heard, she'll have to speak through the narrow vision that you're allowing. And we'll say, wow, these little green guys are really wise. They're like gods in their profound knowledge and great love. Some Otherkin love you enough to meet you on your terms.

But remember we said the Otherworld is full of bears, and powerful plants, and interesting wild spirits that aren't ever going to break down our door and don our available masks just to have a conversation.

If you want deeper waters, if you want adventurous travel in the Otherworld, it starts with dropping the buckets.

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